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What's been done to make Miracle Glue different than Super Glue or Krazy Glue is that the solvents have been distilled out.  So, as Miracle Glue is pure it is much stronger and there are no solvents to make it discolor and go brittle.  It stays clear and flexible.  And it is generally foam safe.  But the real benefit is that you get to use it all.  Miracle Glue has a much longer shelf life than Super Glue or Krazy Glue that often dry out after a single use.  Store Miracle Glue in the fridge and you'll get a very good shelf life out of it.  Customers generally keep Miracle Glue for around three years. Use it at room temperature for best results.

I have been at several shows where I have been told by people involved with WarHammer - pewter figurines - you can see more here http://www.games-workshop.com/  - that Miracle Glue does a marvelous job at gluing pieces together.

Below is an email I have, on how well Miracle Glue actually glues pewter.

"Friday Last I purchased a tube of your glue at the Arizona State Fair.  My conversation with you I informed you that I had a pewter candelabra that I had failed to put back together utilizing a variety of methods.  You ask me to give you the results.

I cleaned both sides of the pewter with nail polish using a cotton q-tip.  I applied a small bead on both pieces of the pewter and put them together.  I did not touch it for over 24 hours.  The pewter IS WELDED together. 

Thanks for the glue, you have helped my wife and preserve a lifelong treasure.



For clean up and getting those mistakes apart try our Miracle Un-Cure.

Please check out the List of Uses section for numerous applications of the glue.  You can go straight to the order section here.


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