Miracle Glue

              (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)

Skin - Cuts

... until Monday when I sliced my left index finger with a knife. The emergency room wanted $500 bucks to put a few stitches in. I went to the pharmacy and got some Steri-Strips (those long real thin bandages hospitals use instead of stitches) for $1.60, cleaned up the cut, applied the Steri-Strips then sealed the whole thing with Miracle Glue.

Good as new and saved myself over $498!


I accidently nipped my dogs nails alittle too close and it started to bleed, so I dabbed a little bit of miracle glue on and viola.....No more bleeding..!  Thanks again. We are so happy with this glue it just seems to work on everything we find we need to glue...:)    Nelle and Stan

:) Have a Great Day!!



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