Miracle Glue

              (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)

Running Boards

Martin, I used your Miracle Glue to put on running board covers on my Packard. It involved splicing corners and 90 degree bends with sharp edges. This rubber is at least 1/4 in thick. 3M Scotch Grip 1357 adhesive wouldn't begin to hold it down so I used MG right over the 3M stuff. Of course I knew it would work because I have used MG previously, but the guy who I invited to watch was amazed . I knew he would be. It was a kick. Press firmly for 5 seconds and viola! I just do a palm width section at a time. By the way. There is ONE guy in the US who is the Pot Metal Welding Guru. He is in Spokane ,WA . He is to Pot Metal Welding what MG is to adhesives. His name is Jake Weishaar (Weisharr?) (509 928 8116). I have used him for 20 years. I have referred a couple of dozen people to him over the years and every one has called to say that Jake is a national treasure for old car buffs. No, I am not paid to recommend him, or to recommend MG . I have also used MG for cuts. It is far superior to the liquid bandage stuff that stinks to high Heaven. Gary Dunham Sumner,WA



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