Miracle Glue

              (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)

Car Tires

Martin,  another story and many thanks being in Spokane so we could buy Miracle Glue!!  We have a motorhome and a tow car, a 1995 Ford Escort.  We had been on a very enjoyable trip down the Oregon coast, golfing along the way, visited relatives and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and each other.  We were on our way home and had stopped in Kennewick to fuel up for the last leg of our journey when my husband noticed a large split in the sidewall of the front tire of our tow car.  The split was about an inch and a half long and quite deep.  The tire was stopped in such a way that the split was at the bottom of the tire and wide open.  We didn't have a full size spare and the tire was not flat, yet... We did not want to take a chance of the tire blowing while we are doing 65 or 70 miles an hour in the dark!  After a spousal conference, I suggested the Miracle Glue and one other product I happened to have in the motorhome.  My spouse said lets try the Miracle Glue.  He got in the motorhome, I set down by the tire and inserted a large drollop of Miracle Glue in the split and then hollared at him to pull forward until the split was on top of the tire.  (this was his idea) and it worked, the split closed.  So then we waited a few minutes, left the gas station, drove through to Pasco and checked our handiwork.  It worked.  That was the first part of September and two trips later, the tire is still up and running.  Many thanks, it's great stuff!
Lela and Jerry

Martin, sorry about the delay in answering.  Long story, but for an update... that tire is still holding.  We brought the Ford Escort out of the garage, where we keep it until we need a tow car, because gas mileage is terrific and with the high gas prices.... well anyway, the tire is still up and holding air.  I am getting new front tires but only because the tread wear demands it, not because of any leak!  And yes, you may use our story/testimonial or whatever you call it.  Great stuff is Miracle Glue.  I have even used it on pot metal and it is holding.  My favorite golf pin broke (cheap pot metal?) and it's fixed now!



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