Miracle Glue
"Glues almost anything to anything!"

(Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)


Boating - Marine Uses for Miracle Glue

Depending on what kind of boat you have or use their are dozens of uses for Miracle Glue in a marine environment.  Repair vinyl windows with a piece of clear vinyl.  It will stay clear and flexible and it's waterproof.  Repair your naugahyde seat covers - again they'll stay clear and flexible.  The rubber gasket in a boat window - use Miracle glue to glue it back to the boat material and to the window.  Repair the wood laminate in your galley.  If you have a hinge in a cupboard door in your galley where the screws have stripped out repair with some sawdust and Miracle Glue. (See more here.) A pressure crack in a boat can be repaired with a bead of Miracle Glue

If you are doing white water or just need the occasional repair on the inflatable or rubber raft, use Miracle Glue to glue the patch.  It will stay flexible and waterproof.

If you fish from that boat then you have another 1000 and one uses for the glue - see the fishing section here!!

If you are wakeboarding or skiing or diving then you likely have neoprene and/or rubber that will need mending from time to time.  You can either patch neoprene waders and wetsuits with another piece of neoprene or glue it edge to edge if it is a tear.

You do not want to go out on your boat without a bottle of Miracle Glue for emergencies.

What's been done to make Miracle Glue different than Super Glue or Krazy Glue is that the solvents have been distilled out. So, as Miracle Glue is pure it is much stronger and there are no solvents to make it discolor and go brittle. And it is foam safe. But the real benefit is that you get to use it all. Miracle Glue has a much longer shelf life than Superglue or Krazy Glue.

Store it in the fridge and you'll get a very good shelf life out of it. It is usually good for 2-3 years of use. Use it at room temperature for best results.

For clean up and getting those mistakes apart check out our Miracle Un-Cure.

Please check out the List of Uses section for numerous applications of the glue.  You can go straight to the order section here.

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