List of Uses

MiracleGlue can be used to glue and repair the following materials:  Rubber, metal, wood, porcelain, ceramics, leather, resin, most plastics.  Automotive materials, planes, aerospace, photo and other optical products, dentures, inflatable boats, jewelry, model making and furniture. Hobbies and crafts:  Doll repair, Diecast models.  Antiques and collectibles.  Fishing lures and rods. Toys. Sports equipment: shoes, racquets, bicycle tires.


Vinyl Glue - pretty much any vinyl - soft or hard.  

PVC Glue- plumbing repair or your garden hoses and fixtures.   

Most plastics: Computer plastics, fiberglass, most Remote control plastics.  Styrofoam and neoprene.

Ladies fingernails - real and false.   (Check out FAQ page for a write up on doing fingernails.)

Automotive: most of your interior car plastics and outside the car - your light fixtures - but use at room temperature for best results.

Dental materials - models, bridgework, etc.                   (Consult your dentist on this one)

It's waterproof, so you can use it in your swimming pool or hot tub or fish tank.  

Or your fishing rods and lures. (See Fishing and Hunting News - Oregon March 14-18 for more on this.) 

Archery - Fletching Arrows  - a write up and picture here  

Inflatable rafts, waterbeds, air mattresses, waders and wetsuits. Neoprene stays flexible and waterproof.

Jewelry can also be repaired with this glue but remember that the surfaces have to be flush.  

Almost any type of shoe can be fixed with this glue.  No problem with leather as MiracleGlue stays flexible once it has set.  So leather purses, tack and other leather materials will stay glued and stay flexible.

Fine porcelain and ceramic: collectibles or just the favourite cup handle that needs fixing.  I've had fixed cups in the dishwasher and the microwave.

Leather.  I haven't experimented with this but one person who uses MiracleGlue a lot with leather told me he puts a very thin mist of water on the leather first as it is so porous.

Craft Glue:  Miracle Glue is an unbelievable craft glue.  You can glue hundreds of different combinations of things together.  Sequins to shirts, fabric to porcelain, repairing vinyl or porcelain dolls.



Pretty much any wood products -  It won't do a very oily wood like teak.  I've repaired furniture, picture frames and wooden toys with MiracleGlue.  I get asked a lot if it will work for wood turning - I've had several people tell me yes.  Pool cues.    


When I did my original testing on gluing wood the glue worked perfectly. Recently I had two people complain that the they were having trouble gluing wood. So I did some testing and found the following.

So long as the wood was clean and not end grain it bonded every time in ten seconds. When I glued end grain it took longer than ten seconds to bond. Preliminary tests show that after 30 seconds it does bond - it may have bonded after 20 seconds, I haven’t tried but it certainly bonded with some strength after 30 seconds.

These bonds will also continue to get stronger for several hours afterwards in any event.

The bottom line seems to be that the more porous the material the more glue is needed and the longer the setting time.

For non end grain wood joints I would use about five drops of glue per square inch. For end grain joints I would use about eight drops per square inch.

Sawdust also makes an excellent fill when working with wood. One simply fills the hole with the right color sawdust and applies drops of glue until the glue is fully wet. If you have applied too much glue, then simply add more sawdust to absorb the excess glue.

Attempting to mix a fill which you will then put into a hole is an exercise in futility. It will turn into a solid in seconds.

Remember also that baking soda makes an excellent fill with this glue and again sets like concrete in about four seconds. The baking soda does need to be dry. I use this sometimes for repairing loose joints on a chair or table.  I put baking soda or talc into the gap, add a few drops of glue and in a few seconds it's like cement.

There are many,  many other uses as well - feel free to email me if you find something new and unusual that the glue will work with.

 Miracle Glue is not recommended for cloth, paper, polyethylene, Teflon or polypropylene.








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