Miracle Glue
"Glues almost anything to anything!"

(Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)


Directions for Use

Work at room temperature for best results.

2.     Carefully open the bottle.   Remove the cap. Using scissors or a sharp knife, cut about 1/8" off the stem.

3.      Prepare the surfaces.  Remove any oil, grease, dirt or old adhesive residue.  Glass and metals are best cleaned using a solvent such as acetone.

4.      Spread on a thin layer of adhesive.  Do not rub in.  The thinner the layer, the better the bond.  For more absorbent surfaces, use more glue.

5.      Hold for a short period.  Different materials have different bonding rates.  Rubbers and PVCs bond fully almost instantly.  Glass and steel need several seconds before they hold together.  The bond will continue to get stronger over several hours.  After 8 hours, all bonds will be fully set.

6. Before closing, wipe off spout and tap bottle down to clear spout.

7. Clean up with Acetone or Soak fingers in warm, soapy water.

Environment Friendly

Once set, Miracle Glue is completely non-toxic.  It is ideal for children's toys or other things they may put in their mouths.


Can be used for automobiles, planes, aerospace, photo and other optical products, dentures, inflatable boats, jewelry, model making, etc.


In some cases where the surface area to be glued together is very small, a filler is needed to provide a greater amount of surface area and therefore a stronger bond. Baking soda makes an excellent fill with almost all materials. Fill the crack, hole or space with dry baking soda. Apply one drop of glue and allow the glue to be absorbed. If there is more baking soda that is not wet, apply more glue, one drop at a time. The baking soda and glue sets like concrete in about 4 seconds. Sawdust works very well as a fill when working with wood. Just fill the crack or hole with sawdust and add Miracle Glue until no more glue is absorbed. Great for fixing a wobbly chair or table.

Wood And Other Porous Materials

With very dry or porous materials such as dry wood or leather or clay one can prime the material with water.  Let the water soak in.  You don’t want it “wet” on the surface but only damp.  Experiment a bit with this.

 Miracle Glue bonds these materials to themselves and to each other.

·         Rubber        ·   Wood     ·   Steel       ·     Aluminum

·         Porcelain     ·   Hard PVC     ·   Most common plastics

Miracle Glue is not recommended for cloth, paper, polyethylene, Teflon or polypropylene.

  Shelf Life

A refrigerator is the ideal location to lengthen shelf life - store in a cool, dark place.  Unopened : Keep it in the fridge.

 Warning - Cyanoacrylate

Do not swallow or inhale.  Keep away from skin and eyes.  Keep out of reach of children. Clean off hands with soap and water or hand cleaner.  If it gets into eyes, rinse them with eyewash and consult a physician.


We decline all responsibility for any damage (including that to third parties) resulting from the improper use or application of Miracle Glue adhesive.  

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