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  Miracle Glue

              (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)


Hot Rods

We have been selling Miracle Glue at Hot Rod Shows, Auto Shows and Motorcycle Shows for the last three years with great success.  When you are restoring an automobile you can come across any number of situations where you need a glue that will work, work quickly and stay glued!  Miracle Glue can help you restore your Hot Rod from end to end.  There are no solvents so if you need to repair the weather stripping around a door or the gasket around a window, Miracle Glue will not melt the rubber.  As it is a very stable glue, once glued it tends to stay glued.  I have materials - rubber and vinyl that I bonded three years ago that are still flexible.  Repair a vinyl window or seat.  Miracle Glue will also remain clear when repairing a clear vinyl window.

Now the last thing that you want it for your glue to be dried out next time you want to use it.   Super Glue or Krazy glue are generally one shot deals because the solvents in them make them dry out.  The solvents have been distilled out of  Miracle Glue so, kept in the fridge, you should be using it for about three of years .  Because there are no solvents, once something is glued it remains clear and flexible and is foam safe.

Most of your interior car plastics can be repaired with Miracle Glue.  If you have any polyethylene or propylene plastic parts in your car or hot rod you won't be able to repair them with Miracle Glue - nothing can.  But fortunately you won't come across this stuff too often.

Here's an email from one happy customer gluing plastic:

"Hi Martin. This is not a fishing story that you are looking for however I did find  the [Miracle Glue] great to repair my vehicle.   I have a Chevrolet Suburban and the stone guard which is mounted on the   front of the vehicle to deflect stones or other debris from striking the  hood had separated from its base on the passenger side.   I put a couple of drops of Miracle Glue on the base part, pressed both  together and held them for about 2 or 3 minutes to make sure the [Miracle Glue]  was well bonded.   The next day I drove the vehicle as normal and I have had no problems,  even at 85 mph.   This happened about 2 - 3 months ago and it is still holding firm.   Saved me a potentially costly and messy replacement job.

 Glenn R. Holmes, Acton, Ontario"


Once cured gasoline or oil don't seem to affect Miracle Glue.  You do need to have the surfaces clean before you repair them though.  

Your rear view mirror can be put back as well but make sure both surfaces are clean and you have a very good tight fit.  I've had numerous people tell me they have done this.  

If you have any questions - please email me at info@miracleglue.com  Also, please let me know if you have any successes with Miracle Glue.

We are also now carrying Miracle Glue Un-Cure.  It is also very effective in cleaning up Miracle Glue, Super Glue and Krazy glue.  It can also be used if you made a mistake and need to get something apart.  It is safer to use on plastics as there is no solvents.  Acetone will damage/melt plastics.  You can find out more here: Miracle Glue Un-Cure.

Please check out the List of Uses section for numerous applications of the glue.  You can go straight to the order section here.

You can purchase Miracle Glue here.  

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