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  Miracle Glue

              (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)


Hearing Aids

Miracle Glue can be used in the manufacture of ear molds for behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids. Miracle Glue can be used to affix the tubing to the mold.  When the casing shell comes off you can re-attach this faceplate with Miracle Glue.  You can use methacrylate powder as a filler with Miracle Glue to mend cracks and holes so the color is matched.  

If you are currently using Super Glue or Krazy glue for this type of repair or in the manufacture of hearing aids, here are some of the key differences that you will find in using Miracle Glue.  First of all, it has a much longer shelf life.  Keep it refrigerated when you are not using it and you should be able to get about three years out of it.  When using the glue, you can leave the lid off without worrying about it drying or clogging.  Don't necessarily leave it open for days at a time but you can leave it open for some hours.  (Keep the room where you are working well ventilated.)   Miracle Glue remains clear and flexible.  It won't discolor when using it with filler.  If you were to use Miracle Glue to attach two pieces of flexible vinyl together, the vinyl would remain flexible.  

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