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  Miracle Glue

              (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)


This is the full article from the Oregon Fishing and Hunting News, March 14-28,2002

Fishing:                                                                                                                       (by Pat Hogland)

Mr. Steelhead, meet Mr. Wiggly                                                           Portland

       Dave Robinson thinks he's found a way to build a better mouse trap. Check that.  He insists he's found a better way to catch steelhead.  Using a glue that stays bonded in water, he's married a drift bobber and the tails of a Mister Twister twin tail grub, creating what he calls a "Mr. Wiggly".

    "It always bothered me when you're fishing and you come to a good pice of steelhead water but you don't have a good bait on.  All you have is a small glob of eggs, so you throw it in there anyway and hope that you catch a fish, but you don't.  With this thing, you can always count on having a lure that attracts fish," he says.

Inspiration hit when he was crappie fishing in Alabama.  " I saw that thing(a Mister Twister twin-tail grub) coming back in the water and said, "Oh baby."

He began experimenting with his steelhead gear.  Starting with a Corky drift bobber, he glued the tails of the plastic grub to it and, thus, Mr Wiggly was born.  It looks fishy, and a growing number of Northwest steelhead fishermen swear by them.

Finding the right glue was the trick.  Two years ago, he bought a bottle from a vendor at a sportsman show.  The glue called Miracle Glue, maintains its bond in water.

Robinson's propensity to tweak with outdoor gear is well known.  As head of hunting a fishing accessories for Columbia Sportswear in Portland, his reputation on this front precedes him.  He's been behind many design changes within the company, and he's designed many flies for fly fishing.  "When you're fishing for steelhead, if you just go buy the stuff, it's not as exciting as when you go out and improve on it.  Doing this kind of stuff only enhances the sport for me.  It's like tying flies.  You get a better appreciation for fly fishing when you design your own flies and catch fish on them," says Robinson.

To make sure they work, we checked with several people who have fished with Robinson and his Mr. Wiggly.  Dave Schamp, former F&H News columnist, fished the Siletz River last year when the lure was still in the experimental stage.  

"They work.  I've seen them in action," he says.  "A year ago on the Siletz when we fished the Steelhead Roundup and he caught five steelhead that day, three of which came on the new lure."

"That was a decent day," says Robinson wryly.

If there's any trend to note with these lures, it's that they have a tendency to hook only bucks.  In fact, we know of no hens caught.

"I think the bucks are more territorial and aggressive.  The hate things messing with nests, and one theory is those wings look like minnows pecking away at eggs.  I don't know if that's true but it sure does stimulate bites from males rather than females," he says.

The lures are relatively simple to make.  Robinson has used Corkies and Spin-N-Glos and a variety of other drift bobbers.  Corkies are the favored drift bobber.  Next you need the right glue.  A 10 gram bottle of Miracle Glue sell for $10.  It costs $15 for a 20 gram bottle.  You can send a check or money order to Martin Jones [PO Box 1417, McMinnville OR  97128]  or you can go to the Web site www.MiracleGlue.comCall (877) 288-5525  for more information.

- Pat Hogland"

Miracle Glue dries clear and flexible and has a much longer shelf life than Superglue or Crazy Glue.

Please check out the List of Uses section for numerous other applications of the glue.  You can go straight to the pricing and order section here.

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