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  Miracle Glue

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Fingers - how do I get Miracle Glue off...?

The best way of course is to keep the glue off your fingers in the first place.  If you apply some lotion to your hands before using Miracle Glue, this will go a long way in keeping you from gluing your fingers together.

Per the MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet) one can use warm soapy water if you get Miracle Glue on your skin.  It seems that this makes the skin sweat and the oils in the skin slough off the glue.  Soak your fingers for a few minutes in warm soapy water.  You can also use acetone or nail polish remover with acetone in it to remove the glue.  Acetone will also break down the glue if you need to get something apart.  I prefer the soap and water as I don't like to use acetone.  I also would suggest for very dry skin to use some skin cream before using the glue as there aren't as many natural oils to protect your skin.  Usually, when I'm doing a show demonstrating the glue I get some on my fingers.  Normally, this is completely worn off within 12-24 hours.  

Please also check out the section on First Aid.

We also sell Miracle Uncure.

Please check out the List of Uses section for numerous applications of the glue.  You can go straight to the pricing and order section here.

You can purchase Miracle Glue here.  

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