Miracle Glue
"Glues almost anything to anything!"

(Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)



Miracle Glue will bond almost any material that one uses for making costumes.  One example - if you are bonding soft vinyl or something similar, the glue will remain flexible.  Because there is no solvent in Miracle Glue (it has been distilled out) it doesn't deteriorate like Super Glue or Krazy Glue.  So it will not break down.  It will remain flexible.  Because of the stability of the glue once something is bonded it will remain that way indefinitely.

Another specific use is for applying rhinestones.  Most glues will remove the back, Miracle Glue will not.  

Pam at Helen's Pacific Costumes in Portland Oregon has been going through a half a dozen bottles a  month creating costumes with Miracle Glue.  They are thrilled with Miracle Glue.


You can purchase Miracle Glue here.