Miracle Glue
"Glues almost anything to anything!"

(Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)


Billiards - Pool - Snooker - Pool cues - Cue tips

For all you billiards players out there, I've been doing various kinds of trade shows in the northwest for almost three years.  I've had quite a few people ask me about repairing pool cue tips with Miracle Glue.  Well, I've gotten quite a bit of feedback now and Miracle Glue does a great job repairing pool cue tips. 

It is the same base as Super Glue or Krazy Glue but the solvents have been distilled out.  Being pure it is much stronger than either Super Glue or Krazy Glue and it also dries clear and flexible and it won't melt things like neoprene.  But the really wonderful thing about Miracle Glue is that you get to use it all.  Most customers, storing it in the fridge, are keeping the glue for around three years.  It won't keep forever but you should be able to get three of years out of it.  If you are going on a trip take it with you, it will come in handy, just don't leave it out in the sun.  When you get home put it back in the fridge.

Also, another billiards use from Rick in Oregon City, Oregon: 

"I make pool cue holders using 'QUICK GRIP'  2" spring clamps. These clamps are black plastic with yellow rubber pads on the jaws. The biggest complaint I get is people losing the rubber pads. I have tried every glue I could find, including the "guaranteed for plastic" with the liquid primer. Nothing held these two materials together. I watched the Miracle Glue demonstration at the Portland Auto swap meet, and bought a bottle. It works!  It has an excellent bond where nothing else would work at all. Thank You! 
Rick Plummer
Oregon City OR"

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