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Hopefully, I can get most common questions answered here.

Q:  How do I get this stuff off my hands?

A:  The best thing for this is to soak the affected part in warm soapy water.  This seems to make your hands sweat and releases the glue.    Usually after working with the glue - it is gone within 24 hours.  Acetone is also a solvent for the glue. Most nail polish removers have acetone in them.

Q:  If I spill it on something, how do I clean it up?

A:  Same as above - acetone will clean up the glue.  Careful what you use it on, acetone will harm other things as well - read the directions!

Q: Will MiracleGlue bond glass?

A:  Mixed reviews on this one.  I have people rave to me how effective MiracleGlue is on glass the next day I'll have someone tell me it doesn't work on glass.  I do know that the surfaces have to be very clean and very very close.  The two pieces have to fit perfectly.  I have found with blown glass that if the two pieces don't "click" into place then it's not even worth trying.

Q: How should I store MiracleGlue?

A:  Best kept in the fridge.  It will last longer.  My wife and I had a bottle for home use that lasted almost two years before we used it up.  Out of the fridge - I don't know.  I've had people tell me they've had it over a year and others tell me that it lasted about 6 months.  So, keep it refrigerated.    If you buy a bunch for Christmas presents you can keep them in the fridge until you are ready to put them in the Christmas stockings.

Q:  Any special way to use the glue on wood?

A:  I've had a few questions along this vein so I'm including a little write up that Dave did after some testing.


When I did my original testing on gluing wood the glue worked perfectly. Recently I had two people complain that the they were having trouble gluing wood. So I did some testing and found the following.

So long as the wood was clean and not end grain it bonded every time in ten seconds. When I glued end grain it took longer than ten seconds to bond. Preliminary tests show that after 30 seconds it does bond - it may have bonded after 20 seconds, I haven’t tried but it certainly bonded with some strength after 30 seconds.

These bonds will also continue to get stronger for several hours afterwards in any event.

The bottom line seems to be that the more porous the material the more glue is needed and the longer the setting time.

For non end grain wood joints I would use about five drops of glue per square inch. For end grain joints I would use about eight drops per square inch.

Sawdust also makes an excellent fill when working with wood. One simply fills the hole with the right color sawdust and applies drops of glue until the glue is fully wet. If you have applied too much glue, then simply add more sawdust to absorb the excess glue.

Attempting to mix a fill which you will then put into a hole is an exercise in futility. It will turn into a solid in seconds.

Remember also that baking soda makes an excellent fill with this glue and again sets like concrete in about four seconds. The baking soda does need to be dry.

Common household materials such as baking soda, cornstarch or sawdust may be used as a filler with the glue for repairing furniture and other items where there is a gap.  MiracleGlue will not fill a gap.



Q: Does this work on Fingernails.  (This is an excerpt from an email sent to me)

A: "BUT! What I use it for the most is when I crack, break or chip a nail. I put just a dot (not even a drop) on the spot then sprinkle just a little acrylic nail powder (you can get acrylic nail powder at any drug store in with the nail care products). It dries instantly and is like cement! My co-worker wears acrylic nails. One day she cracked one to the point it could bend. I had her hold the crack open, applied a little glue, hold it closed and sprinkled some acrylic powder on the glue line that had beaded up along the crack, then buffed it with an emery board and applied a coat of polish. No one knew there was a crack there. When she went to her nail salon the manicurist wanted to know what she had used because it was like cement! It's better than any nail glue I've ever, ever used." - AL

A few other things AL has used the glue for:                                           

1) a glass hook on a Christmas ornament.                                             2) a cracked plastic screw lid for a water bottle.                                     3) a metal shower curtain hook.                                                                           4) a broken part on riso graph copier.                                                                  5) a plastic handle on a metal post of a magnifying glass. . . . . . . . .

Are you frustrated with glues that you can only use a few times out of a tube or bottle?  

Super glue and Krazy glue generally only give you a few uses.  We recently finished a bottle of Miracle Glue that we were using at home that lasted us over a year and a half.  (Please read the instructions on how to help make this so.)  Miracle Glue has had the solvents distilled out so that it won't evaporate.  I leave the bottle open all day when I'm doing demonstrations at trade shows.  I have left bottle open overnight occasionally by mistake - I come in in the morning and just start using it.  

Are you frustrated with glues that don't really work?!!

Miracle Glue holds!!  I have PVC, ceramics, even rocks that I've glued together that people have been trying for two years to pull apart.  The glue doesn't deteriorate.  I've had several people try and hammer the pvc apart and it remains intact.

Are you frustrated with glues that deteriorate after a while and the thing you've glued comes apart or discolors. 

I have layers of clear plastic and vinyl that I've sandwiched together with Miracle Glue that have been that way for two year and are still clear and flexible.  Great for inflatable rafts, water beds and the like.  Yes, it's waterproof as well.



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